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Hummingbird Plants

Janis Merritt - Native Plant Specialist
San Antonio Natural Area Parks

Hummingbirds need nectar from 1,000 flowers per day. They also eat lots of small insects for protein. They build small nests using plant bud scales, plant down, lichen, and spider silk. Hummingbirds nest in the lower branches of trees or shrubs.

Common Name Scientific Name Comments
Autumn Sage Salvia gregii Flowering shrub. Available in many colors. Sun.
Mealy Blue Sage Salvia farinacea Perennial with spikes of blue flowers. Sun.
Majestic Sage Salvia guaranitica Perennial with spikes of purple flowers.  Part shade.
Pineapple Sage Salvia elegans Perennial with red tubular flowers. Shade.
Mexican Bush Sage Salvia leucantha Perennial with purple flower spikes. Sun.
Cedar Sage Salvia roemeriana Perennial with red tubular flowers. Part shade.
Big Red Sage Salvia penstemonoides Perennial with red tubular flowers. Sun or shade.
Bat-face Cuphea Cuphea llavea Perennial with red/purple flowers. Sun or shade.
Cigar Plant Cuphea ignea Perennial with tubular red/orange flowers. Sun.
Columbine Aquiligea hinkleyana Perennial with yellow flowers. Shade.
Penstemons Penstemon sp. Perennial with pink, red, or purple flowers. Sun/part sh.
Texas Betony Stachys coccinea Perennial with red tubular flowers. Part Shade.
Shrimp plant Justicia brandegeana Perennial. Variety of flower color. Shade.
Mexican Honeysuckle Justicia spicigera Perennial with orange tubular flowers. Part shade.
Pink Skullcap Scutellaria suffrutescens Evergreen small shrub with pink flowers. Sun.
Pentas Pentas lanceolata Variety of flower color. Sun/part shade. Perennial/annual.
Hummingbird Mint Agastache sp. Perennial. Variety of flower color. Sun.
Red Yucca Hesperaloe parviflora Evergreen with coral red tubular flowers. Sun.
Lantana Lantana sp. Perennial/shrub. Variety of flower color. Sun/part sh.
Rock Rose Pavonia lasiopetala Perennial/shrub. Bright pink flowers. Sun or shade.
Firebush Hamelia patens Perennial/shrub. Red tubular flowers. Sun/part shade.
Turk's Cap Malvaviscus drummondii Shrub with red flowers. Sun or shade.
Firespike Odontonema sp. Shrub with red flowers. Shade. May freeze.
Firecracker Plant Russelia sp. Perennial/shrub with red flowers. Sun. May freeze.
Red Mountain Sage Salvia regla Small shrub with red flowers in the fall. Shade. 
Butterfly Bush Buddleja davidii Shrub with purple or white flowers. Sun.
Coralbean Erythrina herbacea Shrub with bright red flowers. Sun or shade.
Cenizo Leucophylum frutescens Evergreen shrub. Flowers lavender or white. Sun.
Glossy Abelia Abelia grandiflora Shrub with white flowers. Sun or part shade.
Anacacho Orchid Tree Bauhinia lunarioides Shrub with white or pink flowers. Sun.
Bird of Paradise Caesalpinia gilliesii Small ornamental tree with red and yellow flowers. Sun.
Pride of Barbados Caesalpinia pulcherrima Shrub with red and orange flowers. Sun. Freezes back.
Coral Honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens Evergreen vine with red tubular flowers. Sun or shade.
Crossvine Bignonia capreolata Evergreen vine. "Tangerine Beauty". 
Trumpet Vine Campsis radicans "Madame Galen". Orange flowers.
Desert Willow Chilopsis linearis Ornamental Tree. Variety of flower color. Sun.

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